How to Choose Relevant Financial Literacy Plans

Record debt, skyrocketing foreclosures and a large number of people suffering from financial stress...sound familiar? Many of the problems people face today could have been avoided if they had received a practical financial education.Teens and young adults tend to learn more from practical financial literacy lesson plans. Having a practical financial literacy curriculum as support will help you teach important guidelines to your child. This allows them to be more financially responsible in the Read more [...]

Important Reasons To Talk To Your Financial Advisor

During the ancient days, the typical Blacks shunned the notion of seeking financial advices from experts. They have deemed these professionals to be the paraphernalia for the rich or the lifesavers for those trapped in massive monetary debts. Most of them did not buy into the suggestion of allowing a stranger, often being the Whites, to peak into their financial affairs, handling their businesses and hard-earned money. But times have evolved and the era has changed where education costs are multiplying, Read more [...]

A Great Solution to Becoming Financially Free

Wow, what a huge, yet life changing goal to have. I mean, when you talk about being financially free, you're talking about no more 9:00-5:00 job, no more boss, no more work schedule, no more requesting vacations, more time with your friends and family and the list could go on and on! So, if you've made up your mind that you want to become financially free, correct? If so, the question I want to ask you is if you're ready to do what it takes to become financially free?Financial freedom is something Read more [...]